Emchi Nuvuru, The Viscount Charamnul

Cocky young dilettante making his way in the galaxy.


Emchi is tall and slender. He could be described as imperious if youth didn’t softened his features. His shiny white hair is immaculately tended, and helps to emphasize the deep blue tones of flawless skin while his golden eyes are striking, and match the hues of the sinuous lines of the house markings painted upon his cheeks and chin.

The Viscount is always well dressed, even his travel clothes are finely crafted, and excellently coordinated not only with himself, but his surroundings when ever possible.


The youngest child of the Count Charanoida, the near-meaningless title of Viscount was secured for Emchi Nuvuru almost immediately after birth. Unfortunately, as the youngest of six heirs, Emchi’s upbringing held about as much substance as his title; he wasn’t groomed for any particular role or position, unlike his eldest sister who has achieved a significant position in Pantora’s Defense Fleet and was groomed to eventually inherit their father’s title.

More than anything, Emchi came to resent his family’s emphasis on duty and his parent’s dedication to politics and statecraft. Never the less, Emchi’s wealth and privilege is firmly tied to his family, which has established themselves as the leaders of the Appeasers, a political faction within the Pantoran Assembly that advocates integration with the Galactic Empire.

Both privileged and idle, Emchi’s cavalier attitude was ever leading to increasingly sensational scandals that his family struggled to keep hidden. Becoming a liability, it was mutually decided that Emchi would leave Pantora and seek excitement among the stars.

He has since set out to find his way . . . and to indulge in a little gambling, sport, substances, and women while he’s at it.

Emchi Nuvuru, The Viscount Charamnul

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